Let’s use Ha:mo and start your Journey!

1.Decide where you want to go

Please select the desired route from the model tour areas of Ha: mo.

Areas to visit the model


Please choose your free days and make a reservation on the booking Website.

Forms for booking

3.Arriving 30 minutes prior to departure

Because of procedures related to renting a car, please arrive a little early in the place of departure.

Don’t forget to bring with your driving license and phone !!

4.Enjoy your trip under the route guidance of the dedicated sightseeing navigation system!

Ha: mo has a dedicated sightseeing navigation system. Therefore, you can drive in navigation and enjoy the ride without worrying about getting lost.

5.Return when the time is up.

Please return the car at the designated location when the rental hours are over.

Click here to reserve.

List of forms for Booking